Shopping mallRetail tenants, their employees, shoppers, walkers and food court patrons all need to feel secure and welcome in your facility and safe in your parking lot or they may not return. Protective Options’ experienced shopping center security officers help provide a safe shopping experience.
You need security officers who know how to respond appropriately whether they are directing groups of juveniles, working crowd control for special events, helping to deter theft, responding to active criminal incidents, assisting medical emergencies, finding lost children, or patrolling parking areas. Security officers working in a retail environment must have the right personalities and skills to meet the demands of this multifaceted and fast-paced environment.

We begin our partnership with you by understanding your unique needs, vulnerabilities, and expectations. We work in conjunction with your site management team and local law enforcement to help develop customized security programs that help you minimize your exposure to loss, and deter and detect suspected perpetrators.
Our managers stay current on local security trends, threats, and crime seasons to prevent your security plan from staying static. We leverage our experience to help prepare our security officers to establish a safe and welcoming environment.