Event coordinators or promoters should be very concerned about the increasing number of injuries and drug/alcohol abuse incidents that are occurring.

Protective Options, Inc. can be your source for advanced mobile First Aid and CPR services. All of our assigned emergency medical personnel have real life experience treating the most typical types of injuries that usually occur at your specific event. However, they will be knowledgeable, ready and equipped for unexpected injuries or illnesses that could occur.

We can provide seasoned emergency medical personnel to protect spectators, participants, staff and even dedicated medical coverage for high profile persons.

Concerts, sporting and competition events, festivals and public gatherings all require certain local and state compliance. If required we will meet and work with public officials to establish an Incident Action Plan which once approved can be used to comply with any local or state requirements. We will work with local EMS departments to assure that anyone needing medical aid is provided immediate treatment by our emergency medical personnel and provided land or air transport to a hospital if necessary.

Whether your event is for 5 or 50,000 people we will provide appropriate and efficient medical coverage. Our emergency medical personnel can be dressed to be seen by everyone or discreetly dressed according to your individual needs.