Protective Options UniformWhile our competitors offer inferior products and “one-size-fits-all” service, we seek to understand our customer’s business-related needs and create unique service solutions that reflect these requirements.
Protective Options personnel work with Police Officers and Deputies from local law enforcement agencies to review crime statistics for the area and discuss cooperative strategies to ensure that problems are resolved effectively and in a timely manner.


The great thing about having the same security guards around doing their jobs well is that you come to be able to rely on them. Over time with long-term security officers, you’ll know how they will act in emergency situations, and you will soon be comfortable and build trust. With short-term security services, you won’t have the chance to get to know someone. Hiring a long-term security officer will give you the opportunity to develop a lasting successful relationship with them. Seeing the same faces and interacting with long-term security guards every day is one of the best ways to help everyone feel safe. Just like you’ll improve at work after doing the same job for a long time, a security officer that is regularly on site will come to understand your specific security needs. They will also learn your routines, and identify security breaches that they can work on to improve. Criminals are always watching, which is why your organization should have someone watching back.

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Most organizations could benefit from temporary security services from time to time. Whether it is covering vacation or sick time for existing employees or providing coverage for a specific event or emergency, Protective Options is ready.
Protective Options has the resources and expertise necessary to provide your site or event with comprehensive short-term security solutions.

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Protective Options’ armed security officers are selectively chosen to ensure only those most experienced and highly qualified are assigned to our customers requiring armed services. In addition to comprehensive pre-employment screening, armed security officers undergo thorough screening and training processes based on customer requirements.
Selected officers are further trained to ensure firearm proficiency. Armed officers must successfully complete Protective Options’ in-house firearms training program that encompasses proper care, custody, and use of company-authorized firearms. Protective Options maintains documentation of successful completion of quarterly firearm proficiency requalification by its armed officers.

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Mobile Patrol

To assist in the prevention, deterrence and detection of vandalism, theft, drug dealing or safety-related incidents, our trained patrol officers patrol your property in clearly marked vehicles and distinctive uniforms.  Our Mobile Patrol service offers reliable, professional, and verifiable protection at night, during weekends and vacations, and holidays when your property is most vulnerable. Mobile Patrol is an alternate to having on-site security personnel and can be an effective deterrent to crime. Our Mobile Patrol service can also provide such services as periodic inspections of a client location or certain areas of concern, control of locks and gates for after-hours access, alarm response, and call for service response generated from client locations utilizing this service. Our skilled Mobile Patrol officers are uniformed and armed. Our clearly marked patrol vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as radio communications, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking systems, laptop computers, and digital cameras.

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Assigned Post

Assigned Post is having on-site uniformed security personnel assigned to your property and is an effective deterrent to crime. Our Assigned Post service provides you with a uniformed presence that can significantly deter malicious activity. Our officers can be armed or un-armed depending on the needs of your property. Officers assigned to your property are able to not only deter crime but also maintain a safe work environment, and help reassure employees and the public without detracting from your business operations.

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Crime Suppression

Some urban communities have unique security needs as a result of drug infestation, street gangs, prostitution and other such criminal offenses. As a result, residents and businesses are beleaguered by criminal perpetrators. Our no-nonsense-appearing security officers communicates to the criminal that the security officers are well disciplined and prepared to handle confrontation. Our approach to successfully addressing crime in the more challenging communities includes interacting with members of the community to understand their concerns, making citizen’s arrests, intelligence sharing with criminal justice agencies, and creating a psychological uncertainty in the mind of criminal perpetrators. Competent, dedicated and experienced, Protective Options is respected for delivering quality results under often dangerous and arduous conditions.

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Alarm Response

Due to limited public resources, more and more law enforcement agencies are instituting a program of “Verified Response”.
Verified Response will require the alarm or monitoring company to verify there is an unusual occurrence at the location of the alarm. This can be done by the subscriber or alarm/monitoring company hiring private security to check out the location. When your alarm system sounds, your alarm monitoring station can notify our patrol officers who will provide a speedy response to your facility and investigate. No police will be dispatched unless there is a verified problem. Our alarm response service also eliminates any risks to you or any of your staff when responding to alarm activations at your premises.

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