Police GraphicArmed police officers function as the ultimate criminal deterrent. By hiring only the best in the field we are able to avoid many of the problems faced by our competitors. We provide current; and retired police officers who stay current on changes in the law.  Our officers can be uniformed or in plain clothes depending on the particular need, and are fully covered by our liability insurance. Off duty police officers are used for various types of security.

Personal Protection

Our police officers provide personal protection for high-profile personalities and VIPs against death threats or other threat exposures for any individual, including bodyguard services for events, parties, buildings and anything else you require.

Executive Protection

The safety of executives and protecting corporate events are high profile responsibilities. Having one of our police officer teams protecting executives, key personnel, corporate functions and events requires a superior level of security to ensure peace of mind. We provide executive protection security in transit, at home, office and at event locations. Our off duty police officers are armed and have powers of arrest.

Employee Termination Security

In today’s workplace, managers at many businesses are understandably concerned about workplace violence issues when terminating an employee for cause. An option for many companies is to hire employee termination security to mitigate the chance of an employee becoming violent.
It seems like every time we turn around there is a new story of workplace violence, and many of those stories are about employees going “off the deep end” when they find out they are fired. Is is no wonder that some human resource managers dread firing people.
To make matters worse, some employees get away with many company policy violations because they were bullies. These workplace bullies make some managers afraid to confront them on policy violations; much less fire them for their misconduct. Workplace bullies can be found in any profession. Having our law enforcement specialists present during the termination of a employee delivers a superior level of security to ensure peace of mind.

Journalist Protection Services

While journalists, by trade, thrive in hostile and dangerous situations to cast impartial light on developing news, the threats to which they are exposed have never been more severe. Journalists can find themselves reporting live during clashes between protestors and police or personally interviewing someone accused of wrong doing in order to gather information for a news segment. One of our uniformed or street clothed Police Officers will report to a designated location at a specified date and time to stand by or perform a security escort service.