Locate on our company pageProtective Options, Inc. is a Hayward, California-based company that provides a wide range of world-class protection and consulting services to businesses, governments, and individuals. We are a fully insured company that carries Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, Employers Liability and Worker’s Compensation in compliance with the law. Our management personnel possess years of extensive security and business management experience. We are committed to exceeding client expectations.

Why clients feel confident working with Protective Options:

Protective Options is a special company of professionals who are proud of their past and excited about their future. Above all, it is a company defined by the character and integrity of its people. It is not hard to set-up a company in the security industry. It is, however, more difficult to succeed in the long-term. What is required is a relentless commitment to quality. The importance of advancing our reputation through our personal integrity and through our consistently ethical and honest business conduct is always paramount in our minds as we work to serve our clients, to build a strong service position, and to innovate and create.
Our business is built on strong relationships with our clients; as a relationship-centric company, the glue that holds all relationships together is trust, and trust is based on integrity.
We remain committed to partnering with our clients, to act with discretion, and to protect their business interests. We safeguard our client’s confidence as it is the very foundation of our success and it reflects the values embodied at Protective Options.
In addition to the trend away from American ownership, the industry has also experienced a decline in the number of significant privately-held security companies. Today, shareholders, not customers, are the chief influence on security companies’ financial and service standards. Shareholder return on the bottom line have become the driving force in the industry, while customer service and employee training and retention have taken a back seat. As a result, Protective Options, Inc. is a privately-held corporation in order to alleviate the aforementioned issue and focus on providing a quality service.


Quickly mitigate a client’s vulnerability through the provision of cutting-edge security services with people who are trained to effectively handle difficult situations in a courteous and caring manner, and treat every client with the respect and attention to detail they deserve.


Mission Ready for today and tomorrow


Your primary choice for provision of private security services.


We support our personnel by providing them with the administration, state-of-the-art technology, and training they need to do their job. Our success comes from the following principals:

  • Safety First!
  • Maintaining fair, honest and ethical relationships
  • Being totally accountable
  • Fostering open and constructive communication
  • Developing opportunities for employees
  • Expecting employees to exercise their best judgment
  • Actively participating in professional organizations
  • Purposeful growth in a cost-effective manner


To maintain our ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients and to quickly mitigate a client’s vulnerability or risk with a comprehensive security solution, Protective Options partners with best-in-class product and service providers. Each of Protective Options’ strategic alliance partners has identified Protective Options as a respected professional security services provider.
How to become a qualified vendor. VENDORS
Accountability is important to Protective Options. While a good patrol officer is always on the move, that same quality makes it challenging to track his or her actions. We provide you with detailed accounts of each patrol, including:

  • Written reports and activity logs when situations are as expected
  • Incident reports when patrol check points are out of the ordinary
  • Tour reports for documentation and invoice backups

American Owned / Privately Held

Protective Options is proud to be an American-owned company that understands that there is nothing more important than this nation’s homeland defense. This characteristic has become more and more unique over the past decade as an increasing number of regional and national American security services companies have been acquired by large, foreign-owned and operated conglomerates who offer detached, arrogant and impersonal services to their customers. Our security solutions are based on the values, culture, national pride and work ethic that have made this country so great.
We are also very proud to be a privately-held business. This means our decisions can be made based on needs and best interests of our people and our customers as opposed to what impact these decisions will have to a stock analyst. Our business model was created based on today’s customer and employee needs NOT tomorrow’s stock price or end of quarter earnings assessment.