Protective Options provides security services for a variety of businesses, industries and individuals. We invest significant resources in the development of security professionals who understand the specialized needs of your industry. Protective Options can help you address identified security issues, offering a customized solution based on security expertise gained from a combination of experience, training and education.


From concerts and entertainment events to rodeos, from Art and Wine Festivals to weddings and birthday parties, Protective Options’ special event personnel provide unparalleled safety, security, and peace of mind. Management is skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client, while our personnel are trained to be polite and professional, while assuring the safety and security of event attendees. Read more


Shopping centers have become major marketing and merchandising centers drawing millions of people to them daily. The combination of today’s costly property developments and large crowds of shoppers has exposed centers to a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities. Shopping centers of all types have become major targets of theft, vandalism, property damage, shoplifting, altercations, and litigation. A professional level of security planning, prevention, and protection is required to meet the broad range of issues facing the owners and management of these centers. Facilities protection requires the highest level of security services related to access control, ingress and egress monitoring, after-hours protection, patrols, and alarm monitoring. Read more


Retailers are facing increasing need for superior security. Thieves and organized retail crime (ORC) groups routinely fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected. They are more than willingly to brazenly grab merchandise during business hours, right in front of customers and employees. Organized retail crime is a nationwide $30 billion business. Understanding ORC groups’ complex nature can be a difficult task. We can also provide training to employees on detecting ORC groups. This is not to mention losses as a result of employee theft going on behind the scenes. Protective Options has security officers who are experienced and trained in recognizing indicators of theft. A professional security presence can help prevent situations from getting out of control. It also helps keep employees and customers honest and feeling safe. Read more


Protective Options provides Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) with contract security services consisting of professionally trained and uniformed security officers. Officers can be deployed on foot, patrol vehicle or bicycles, depending on the unique needs of the businesses and property owners located within the BID. Our officers can provide benefits in the form of a professional uniformed presence, incident response reporting and documentation, coordination with local law enforcement, First Aid and CPR during medical emergencies, Crime Prevention tips, coordination of sidewalk cleaning and graffiti removal, act as sidewalk ambassadors and provide information about assistance programs to those persons in need.


Whether providing access control at entry gates or sharing life-saving medical information with emergency personnel, Protective Options security officers become an integral part of the communities they protect. From single-family homes to gated communities to mixed-use master planned communities or distressed communities, Protective Options understands the expectations of today’s demanding residential market. After a decade of meeting and exceeding residential customers’ expectations, Protective Options management personnel continuously strive to be at the forefront of designing customized residential security programs. Read more


Houses of worship should be safe from criminal activity, but it often takes a security presence to make this possible. Criminals simply do not respect the sanctity and peaceful nature of a religious house of worship. At Protective Options, we want to help you with your security needs. Protecting you and your people is our top priority. Read more