At Protective Options, legal, moral and ethical behavior is a cornerstone of our culture and the way we conduct business.
Protective Options strives to set the standard for business conduct throughout the private security industry. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct informs all our employees of the Company’s expectations and of their responsibilities and obligations as they relate to our fundamental values of legal, moral and ethical conduct.
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct


Protective Options’ selection process includes the following components:

  • Comprehensive employment application that solicits information on the candidate’s present and past employment, education and military experience along with a listing of references.
  • Assessment of the candidate’s appearance, dress, demeanor, communication skills, writing ability and professionalism.
  • Multiple face-to-face interviews with Protective Options representatives such as the CEO, account manager and/or other supervisors. Protective Options representatives will ask the candidate questions that are very specific to the post to which they will be assigned. The purpose of these interviews is to ensure that the candidate will be a perfect fit for the site and client. It is very important that the manager at the account for which the candidate is being considered interviews the candidate so that the manager has ownership in the hiring decision.
  • Additional interviews with account representatives on a case-by-case basis.
  • Six panel oral swab drug test
  • Comprehensive background investigation


All candidates for employment who have been given a conditional offer of employment are required to submit to the following background investigation that is conducted by Protective Options’ background investigation vendor.
Most security companies conduct a background investigation on their employees during the selection process.  At Protective Options, we also use the background investigation as a post-hire screening tool.
Our employee’s backgrounds are checked every month so Protective Options and our clients can easily stay informed of employees’ criminal history. Every candidate that successfully completes our selection process is issued an employee photo ID with a distinctive number on it. Protective Options provides the capability for clients to access an online tool where the number is entered and information regarding the particular employee’s most recent criminal background screening results can be viewed.