Protective Options strives to be your “Go-To” source for professional and discreet close protection services. We are capable of providing escorts for a wide array of clients from corporate executives and dignitaries to VIPs, entertainment stars and sports giants. We provide armed or unarmed protection.
We listen to the requirements of the principle and work closely with them to deliver a tailored security solution. As part of the mission of preventing an incident before it occurs, we rely on careful advance work. This includes extensive preparation on the client’s behalf. This advance preparation is developed to identify potential risks to our clients and achieve the best possible threat mitigation. It also assures that our close protection service remains discreet and dignified. Our agents will pick the client up and safely bring them to their destination. Agents will be at the clients disposal throughout the entire assignment providing for a safe and comfortable experience.
All of our teams are hand picked for their key skills. Our close protection agents are highly qualified, have high moral standards and outstanding social skills, and possess backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, security, or a combination thereof.
Hiring one of our discreet teams or a single private officer will reduce the risk of any potential problems.
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