Arthur J De La Rosa President & CEO

Arthur J De La Rosa
President & CEO

A native of Oakland, CA, Arthur has an established background providing security in such operational areas as federally subsidized housing, distressed communities, shopping centers, special events, and hi-tech campuses; which expands over two decades. Most of his experience has been in a supervisory or management capacity.
Arthur’s leadership and management skills have advanced through a series of increasingly responsible assignments, mainly in high-risk areas, resulting in guiding high-impact teams to significant success. This track record of success is based on Arthur’s ability to interact on a personal level with his superiors and subordinates to perform assessments, identify solutions and execute winning strategies that maintain compliance with security requirements and the law, and address any security deficiencies.
Arthur is a focused leader that works well in a team with the perspective to deviate immediate priorities by emergent necessity. His experience also includes service as a government contractor providing direct support to U.S. military combat arms training and law enforcement officer safety training.
Numerous employees have moved on to increasingly responsible positions within the field, law enforcement and the military, all of whom can trace some measure of their success to Arthur’s efforts in their education and experience.
Arthur served honorably in the U.S. Army CSMR as a Battalion Training NCO and leader. He achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant and his duties included training soldiers in various units of the California Army National Guard in such skills as; marksmanship (various weapon platforms), rappelling, map reading/land navigation, radio communications and more. During this time, Arthur participated as a soldier in a specialized unit dedicated to bridging radio communications between public and private entities to effectively coordinate volunteer and resource deployment during times of crises. He also volunteered as an instructor during Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps field trips to military installations.
Arthur possesses numerous certifications from such entities as:

  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • California ARMY National Guard
  • California Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training
  • U.S. Naval Post Graduate School – Center for Homeland Defense and Security
  • Louisiana State University: National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, Academy of Counter-terrorist Education
  • Texas A&M University: Engineering Extension Service